In an age where the newest fad and belief is all about, "me me me." One brave soul is venturing out and thinking about others, about    giving back though his time, his money, his businesses and his expanse of knowledge, to bring added revenue to Seattle's Emerald City cultural center.

Julius Collins, owner of Collin's Gold off 23rd & Union has ventured out again and this time he's about to bring Seattle into the 22nd Century with one of hottest new radio station KFLX FM to hit the west coast!

His newest ventures kick start with his newest enterprise NEW VENTURES LLC., and include a summer's end "Jam On" festival at the amphitheater this August in Seward Park's mountain arena.

"The Seattle Faze Reflections" is Collins move into publishing and as a licensed and bonded embalmer, he also plans a new funeral home or Transitory Home to service the communities aging.

JAM-ON 2005

"Bringing the Peace" Concert


Volume 1, Issue 1

Newsletter Date

Write Professionals, Creating Words That Sell

There won't be any guns at this gangbuster cause this is all about bringing peace and unity to the neighborhoods around Seattle.

With thousands expected, the colors will be flying, but it is hoped that so will the


The theme for this year's kick off event in "Bringing the Peace" and all the hoodies will be too busy showing off their own entrepreneurial talents with booths showcasing their latest Bar-B-Que

talents clothing lines, showing off hot rides and all this between listening to the last R&B sounds, Rap Artists and the latest and Coolest Jazz Hip Hop and Urban Contemporary music  from the best station on the West Coast, Seattle new KFLX FM

Midas has touched Collins with more gold!

"Bringing the peace" "jam-on"     Opening up the community

Inside this issue:

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