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a Science Fiction Adventure


Bobby Fleeks


"When a Student Genius discovers how to "stream"

into a parallel universe, he must warn the world that

a carnivorous plant/man Species plans to end

mankind -- if he can escape their captivity."

With wild adventure, marvelous visuals and a hero

for the teenager in everyone, this hip dose of

alternate reality reminds us that there's more to our

world -- and how we share it -- than meets the eye.


December, 2003 Contact:

Write Professionals Bobby Fleeks

6100 Southcenter Blvd., Ste. 300 206-242-7002

Tukwila, WA 98188




Cocky DANNY GALUCCI (20) leads a diverse band of rich, delinquent Student Geniuses imprisoned at the "Academy for Readjustment." Danny and his teen Buddies experiment in inter-dimensional travel, amazingly "streaming" through reality and tele-transporting in their Viper to other dimensions! That's when deadly, militaristic J. HARCASTLE takes over the Academy to uncover Danny's work. But Harcastle is threatened by mighty IDAR, a floating, golden figure: stop the streaming research -- or else. But Harcastle has his own plans.


Danny and pals DETER and KIDNEY stream into another realm where human-like BEINGS lick their hands and Idar greets them, looking friendly and normal now. He leads them on an astounding tour through a weird greenhouse of carnivorous vegetation, a bustling Metropolis, into a flying capsule, and on to a huge Solarium in a lovely countryside...


Back at the Academy -- Harcastle's teen aide and spy, PETER, searches Danny's room and steals a Chronometer Danny uses for transport. Danny's ex-girlfriend LUANN busts him, but Harcastle arrives to threaten her and brainy Academy pals, JEWEL, JESSE and SQUIRE.


In the Solarium -- Danny is awed by three towering golden figures whom Idar introduces as THE MAJESTIES. When these powerful plant-like Beings see that Danny knows too much, they vanish in a wondrous burst of light and Idar magically tele-ports the Guys into captivity!


ACT II: Trapped in a Silver Room -- Danny can't stream them out: his Chronometer is neutralized, but he can send out an SOS signal. Deter and Kidney gorge and quickly grow obese, even Danny is larger than normal. When Idar admits the "Greenness" pre-dates Earth's creation and has made all "alien" contact and abductions -- they realize they're being fattened for consumption!


Danny and the Guys try to avoid encroaching man-eating plants

when young RACHEL appears and helps them escape. She gives Kidney and Deter an antidote to instantly reduce them to normal, and leads them to her City where the Locals are revealed as part human, part plant! Rachel takes them to the Gold Room, a high-tech lab over-grown with plants, where Danny's Chronometer may work. She wants to go with them.


At the Academy -- Peter can't master the stolen Chronometer and accidentally kills the Students he tests it on, but Harcastle will stop at nothing to learn what Danny and Idar know.


Luann and her Pals get Danny's SOS and plan a rescue. The four sneak into a forbidden computer lab to access a "stream" to find Danny. They pin-point his location and stream themselves in Jewel's souped-up Viper for a wild drive into the other dimension -- and make a stunning CRASH right into the Gold Room -- nearly hitting Danny and the Guys!


ACT III: Danny's glad to see Luann, and even his competitive Classmates. With Rachel, the eight cram into the Viper just as plant Creatures attack with laser weapons -- killing Kidney!


The Viper narrowly escapes and streams back through dazzling dimensions of reality.


At the Academy -- The Team reappears safely -- until Harcastle and his Men surround them, guns poised. Inhuman Rachel painfully shrivels to death -- her race can't survive our air; still, Harcastle doesn't believe that the Greenness species plans to end their "Earth Experiment."


But when Golden Idar appears with deadly threats, a tense standoff, a brave attack, and an uneasy alliance with a covert Government Agent is the only chance for Danny and his Pals to use their high-tech science wizardry to defend themselves -- and all mankind.


We presume humans are the most intelligent life on the planet. But with all the advances we've made, couldn't all races -- and species -- share this world in peace? These eclectic Teens risk everything to try. Packed with exciting challenges, high-energy roles, and exotic worlds, we're reminded that reality is never static when open minds explore the X-STREAM.