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Freelance Writing
Today 2004
Writings, Musings, Screenplays and Controversy
Tuesday, 24 June 2008
Mood:  celebratory

Hey All!

Got great things going on in my life, and it's a good thing for all of you as well!

Just started a new radio show onlne

at and


SPRINGFIELD CITY BEAT 1080 Internet Radio Station plays music 24/7 and is LIVE BROADCAST 10 to 11 AM and 2 to 4 PM, with Bobby Fleeks, known as THE DOCTOR along with HOWLING WOOF} the amazing singing dog) talking with you about everything under the sun.


Things you need to know about our beautiful Springfield, the latest news of the day, national interests, entertainment news (being a screenwriter, you'll love some of these tidbits) things you didn't know, things that you thought you knew but weren't sure of, weird things you've wondered about, things that surprise and amaze you at the same time and even things you'll wish you didn't know. All because you want to talk about it! 


Listeners can call in and talk about what's on theIr mind at programmed times and be on the program IT'S YOUR OPINION, get something off their chest's with GOT A GRIPE or just talk about what they do, their business (HEY! It free advertising) ideas or a new group or activity in the area on CITYBEAT CITYTALK.






Thank for being a friend those who are, those of you whom I've met personally and those whom I haven't met yet,  thanks for giving me the chance to meet you now, if only virtually.



Broadcast on

LIVE 10 to 11 AM and 2 TO 4 PM DAILY!



(Look forward to this site becomming a lot more interactive as Sprigfield City Beat grows!)


"Music and talk for the rest of us!"





Listen to CITY BEAT CITY TALK on internet talk radio

Posted by bobbyfleeks at 9:25 AM
Updated: Tuesday, 24 June 2008 9:32 AM
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Thursday, 22 February 2007
New Dream, New Life and Love!
Mood:  vegas lucky
Now Playing: Happy again... but

Wow! It's been a hella of two years for the kid!

You've watch the break-up information, the long silence from me and how on my other pages I've told the whole story. But God is good! All the time his is wonderful!

My life has taken a miraculous turn and now I'm in a new location with a new love of my life and all is right with the world again! Still working on my screenplays and I've even gotten opportunities to be back on the radio again. And that is ideal. But along with all the good there is always a little bad. My beautiful woman doesn't know all my history and in her small world the things I do and aspire to are all foreign to her. In the small city we live now, "Brothers" are a rare commodity and the ones that do live here are not what you would call ambitious. Matter of fact, I've only met one that that even has wishes to go further than the local 7-Eleven and hang out. So when I hit the scene, the people I've met are amazed at my abititious nature and the drive I show in all I do, plus the drive to accomplish what I say I want. This really surprises me, but I am not letting the fact that I seem a special person in a city where an intelligent black man is a prized rarity give me a big head. I'm taking it all in stride, but I feel like being such is also a wonder to my girl who would hope that I just get a job and settle into the status quo.

I want to do all I can for my woman. You know how I am and have seen the mess I went through trying to please the ex who didn't appreciate what she had or the fact that I built her career through my marketing to the point where she finally felt she no longer needed me and was so smart that she knew everything. I wonder how she's getting along now without me, but that's neither here not there anymore. I am happy, but I want to make this lady happy also. I just don't want to settle for anything just because it's a paycheck.

So there's the quandry. I've been offered jobs... good jobs by this city's standards. But I'm feeling depressed about accepting them because they are the type that will lead to the death of my spirit and amibitions to do so much more. I keep thinking I'll settle into one and although I am so happy with my lady at this point, if I get into something just because we need additional income, when will I start to resent her for taking what I really didn't want?

I've got the chance to be back on the radio broadcastin in a market that needs the energy I know I could present (they only have one station that even remotely sounds like what we have in Washington or LA, and it's just starting to get hot. But I don't have the means to copy my airchecks here and carry around the only one I think is good to each and every station I apply to. That's a trip in itself because most don't have time to sit and listen at the times I come in. My resume' has been a God-send so far because as I've said I have more skills than I seen displayed anywhere here... at least by a black man.

So what to do? That's where I am. I don't want the loving look on the face in my precious one's eyes to change because she doesn't understand or thinks I'm not trying hard enough to provide, but how can I keep ME happy as well, when there's not that much offered in a city that has so much potential for the talents I bring? Time is what I need, but I I feel it's getting short and I don't want anything to spoil the heaven I'm in.

Anyway, nice to have and be in love again.  I just hope I can be all that I know I can be, and that the wait for something good doesn't take too long.

Just my thoughts today all. Besides all that, I am doing quite well. and I know if I stick it out, nothing but good will keep coming. So you know me... I never give up.

Hope you all are doing well too.

Write long... and write well.

Posted by bobbyfleeks at 1:19 PM
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Friday, 4 August 2006
A Year of Indecision
Mood:  hug me
Now Playing: Life's Trials
This last year after that last entry has been frought with dismal and hurtful life lessons, and the loss of my perfect love and friend. What was once the greatest love admired by all has now become another of the sad stories of break-up that this downward world has throw at us, and torn us asunder.

Posted by bobbyfleeks at 4:48 PM
Updated: Friday, 4 August 2006 4:52 PM
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A Year of Indecision
Mood:  hug me
Now Playing: Sadness on the home front
A lot has happened in the last year and a half. Your favorite couple has went the way of a thousand others, and what once was thought the ideal relationship has degenerated into a hurtful existance.

Posted by bobbyfleeks at 4:42 PM
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Sunday, 18 September 2005
Hey there! It a new day for Bobby Fleeks! Paper is going well, radio possibilites abound and a special person materialized in my life and all seems right with the world.

Seem idyllic? Well some of it is and others not so well. The not so well part is money. As great as it all is I still need that one commodity to keep everything running smoothly... as do we all.

But today I read something that rocked my world even more than the onset of a new relationship. Blogging for money! Interesting concept, huh?

Well, this fella has started a Blog that is doing just that. NO, it wasn't me who thought of it, though I wish I had. Seems promising to a degree, and I do need money for the paper and station. So let me think about that, since it's idea is unique and maybe profitable if it works for this other guy.

You can read his story here:

Blogging for Dollars

Now as for me, I'd love an "Angel." Someone to come in with fifteen twenty thousand dallars to help keep the paper alfoat while we get more and more advertisers to come aboard. Yeah, advertisers too can join the excitement. I mean if you're out there reading this, jump on... we need you!

But a money man or woman who would want to invest in these new ventures would be highly appreciated... if they would give the money and not want to take control. We're building something special here with the paper and I wouldn't want an investor to come in and want to place thier own agenda above what the paper is about.

Can you feel me? Money would be fine, and we do need a lot, but not at the risk of giving up our freedom to express outselves as a newspaper should and for the communities we serve.

That's why I started it... to give voice to an area that had little. So if you got money to invest in a promising enterprise, and are willing to let it be ran the way it was intended, then by all means call me with a pledge. We'll respect your ideas and you'll certainly reap the rewards of your investment, but just don't come in trying to change or run things. That's all I'd ask.

That's my little two cents on that issue. Neat idea though...

Posted by bobbyfleeks at 7:36 AM
Updated: Sunday, 18 September 2005 7:55 AM
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Thursday, 28 July 2005
Single - Strange or just a stupid state of being.
Yeah, I'm going to get on my soapbox today. It's been a while and although life is treating me well enough with new businss, exciting prospects, wonderful friends coming into my life, one aspect of it keeps a depressing corner of my mind constantly occupied. I'm single.

Now, to tell the truth, in this day and age, that should be a good thing. With all the hotties running around giving it up and making a brothuh crazy, it's still hard to find someone special. Someone whom I could depend on as a my other half and who would commit to a one on one relationship, where the two of us would be partners for life.

It's funny to me, and ironically so, that I would even care, after being in a relationship that lasted so long (eighteen years) and one that acquired so much, one would think that now that I had that alcoholic burden off my back, I would be happy in my solitude and taking every oppertunity to jump on every passing female I saw. But I can't do that. I am a Christian man, and I actually want a committed relationship with only one woman! Yes, I said that in 2005. With promiscuity on the rise and the alternative lifestyles sickly creeping into the common, I guess I'm just a fossil that still believes in family and trust and honor and all those old values that are supposed to make up a family unit.

So crazy am I, that I have done some foolish things in this singular faze of my life. I have put myself out there with my screewriting, and my marketing and now with the new ventures of newspaper publishing, I find I am pulled in all sors of directions and females are jumping to "come aboard," so to speak, but the kind of females are another matter. Most of them see a ticket to someplace I am not willing to take them. So many want a free ride on the gravy train and will do anything to sop it up. But having been in the fast life the majority of my young life, know the difference between a good woman and hoe. So I am not jumping on anything that spreads good.

Being as introspective as I am, I seek women of substance who will be able to grow with me and accept the ol-skool theology that the man is the head of the home as Christ is the Head of the Church and be there help me acchieve the goals that we set together for our combined lives. That is the crux of my difficulty in find that "good woman." Most have an agenda that really doesn't include a man whom they're willing to submit to, but a money machine that they can use to advance whatever plot they have for their own personal progress. The men they grab and marry are little more than a pocket book and from what I see, couples are little involved with each other from the words, "I do" to the time she says, "I quit."

Being alone makes you do some stupid things too. I have found women that I thought great online and in person they turned in monsters. And don't be fooled by a picture fellas, all good looks ain't good lookin." And I have put myself in embarassing situations that I regretted later, because I jumped at a great looking photo.

I guess, even after all the pain my relationship took me through with her insanity and drunkeness, I do miss the closeness that being with somone brings. I secretly even miss the arguing... well not that really... maybe it was the making up afterwards. But this woman was always so drunk there were few of those, so that's not what I'm talking about. I mean the ideal of having a life mate that understands you like no other - someone there who knows you to a tee, and someone you don't have to put on a mask around. Almost like another you in another body. But it's hard to find someone so smart and intelligent and beautiful at the same time - there's always something wrong. Or maybe I'm just too picky. I know she's out there somewhere and I would like to think that my ex would sober up and give it another chance, but I don't actually see that ever happening now. It has taken her down two many strange roads for me. I am tired of being alone, but I'm really not lonely. I just like knowing that there is someone who thinks like me, who likes the same things and want the best for me as I would her. But where is she? Writing the next best screenplay or American novel? Being an executive on some hot television show, or DJing at a hot radio station? Where? I know I have to take my time this time, to find just the right combination of beauty and brains (sober), but let me tell you, it ain't easy being single!

Just my rant for today... I'll be okay tomorrow.

Posted by bobbyfleeks at 3:17 AM
Updated: Thursday, 28 July 2005 3:25 AM
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Wednesday, 15 June 2005
Life is so strange...
Yeah, it's been a while hasn't it? And I'm still out here alone trying to build something that will last.
Just started a newspaper, The Seattle Faze, Reflections of the City and World, and informative medium that will give Seattle a new voice of expression in the Emerald City.

You can see the on-line edition at The Seattle Faze Newspaper Online Edition to see what it's shaping up to be. Also we're planning to bring another radio station to the city as well... one you can hear and hopefully one that give Seattle a sound and name. You know how you go to some cities and their radio station gives you the feel of the city? Well that's what we're hoping for KFLX (Flexing Your Muscial Muscle) FM, and jumping out the box with all the latest and hottest hits that burn the airwaves! Stay Tuned for it!

On a personal tip, I'm still going through it. My baby is still deep into denial of her problem and I am not giving in to remain an enabler, so if you wonder why the picture is still up... well, I am a sap and still hope for a reconsiliation, but as days go by, I feel it slipping farther and farther away. I wish I could find a woman that would be there for me as much as I want to be for some woman, but all the one's I meet are either fools, too young, or out for themselves and don't have the style or class that I seek in a beautiful woman.

So I guess the kid will be by himself as he climbs the perverbial ladder to success this time out. It's rough, but God will take of me... He always has... and I'm confident if he wants a woman in my life (the type I'm praying for, she'll come along when I least expect it)it will happen when it happens.

So much for this blog today. Just wanted to let you know where and what I've been doing. Keep you life together and hope for the best for me.

We all gotta do what we gotta do and most time we hope we do it right!


Posted by bobbyfleeks at 6:53 AM
Updated: Wednesday, 15 June 2005 6:59 AM
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Tuesday, 19 April 2005
Screenwriting Meeting in Seattle - Seattle Screenwriter's Meet-up
Hey hey hey!
What an interesting time last night was! Met some of my group members and we had a good time discussing what we were all writing. I enjoyed the converstaions on how each one developed their ideas and while it took a while for some to actually open up and tell what they were writing, all around it sounded like everyone had some pretty commercial ideas.

I think we're going to have some really neat scripts come out of this, and hopefully some movies that might make it to the screen one day.

Not everyone wanted to make it to the big screen though. Sometime we write just for the sheer love of writing and use it as a cathatsis to explore our talent and express what's inside. But that too is okay as writers. Writing what you love opens you up for other ideas, and as long as you keep at it, who knows what might be turned into a movie. Ideas generate other ideas and once in a while a small idea can turn into a major motion piture.

I don't think any idea is too small to write... as long as it makes you happy writing it.

till next time-

Posted by bobbyfleeks at 7:04 AM
Updated: Tuesday, 19 April 2005 7:07 AM
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Monday, 18 April 2005
New beginnings.
Well, it's a new day! Starting to actually feel like there may be a light at the end of that perverbial tunnel. Oh, not on the relationship tip, but with business. Found a site that has a great business plan that generates affiliate money and you don't have to do much of anything but follow directions and (supposedly) the money will come rolling in.

Now I've read all the material before I signed up so it seems quite a fantastic program. From the testemonials I'm on board with it and hope to start making money as soon as I'm thorugh with the training.

Yeah, you do have to go through that to succeed, but even that is not mandatory. You can start without it but your success rate will be different. And guess what? It's all free! NO, REALLY! It's free to join and you learn and get paid! I guess the only part that could be considered not free is that to really get going and make the type of money you want, you should pay attention to their method of process. But with all things there has to be a plan and theirs seems to work, so why not go through the training to ensure that you do it right?

Anyway it's called SFI Marketing Group and the link is here;
Go check it out. I bet you sign up too!

Thinking about removing the picture of the lady from my website, but I am aprehensive on how it will affect her business. I mean I'm not a bad guy... a bad boy maybe, but I wonder without me how is she going to continue marketing? I mean I never got paid, but most who do what I do get big bucks for it, so if she had to hire someone who did what I did, it's going to be pretty expensive. Remember, even though we're going on with our separate lives, I am not out to hurt or destroy her. I would hope her the best in all she does... just as long as she does it without me. lol

So I am still up in the air about removing the picture. But if she pisses me off... you know it's outta there!

till next time...

Posted by bobbyfleeks at 6:00 AM
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Sunday, 17 April 2005
Six in one hand... half a dozen in the other.
Seems like life is constantly challenging us. One day you are feeling on top of the world; then the next it's all crashing about your feet. Where does one turn? To God, I believe is the correct answer, but what does one do while waiting on Him?

But here's the wierd part... the part I don't get;

I get a chance to finally have a movie made and then my brillient "better-half" gets big head on me and sinks into the despressive hell hole of alcohol. Geeze, does it get any better than that? (that's sarcasm people)

But let me not bore you with any more sob story. Life does have it interesting moments. The movie thing? I do think with a little more effort I will have this in the bag. Big money and a new life.

Having it alone is something I dread, but I know with money I won't have to be alone... just lonely.

You know. Gobs of people swarming around wanting to be friends, and you know why they're really there... until the money runs out, if it ever does. But I don't associate with those types so maybe I'll be different. Famous last words, I know.

Yeah, I feel great about the possible sale, and I love the fact that I've finally been recognized a little by my peers, enough that someone actually wants to buy my writing. It's such a blessing after all the years it took to get it right. If I have gotten it right. Shoot I still have to get the script to them and they might not like it once they read it. So maybe we hold the enthusiasm till we get the check in our hot little hands. lol

Anyway, went to church and prayed about my situation. I'm holding up and wishing that that someone would write or contact me somehow. But I am such a romantic to think a vision could even be possible from my demonstative behavior. But I see a lot of women seem to like me after all, and I find that refreshing. Maybe there is hope for me after my lost lady.


Posted by bobbyfleeks at 5:19 PM
Updated: Sunday, 17 April 2005 5:25 PM
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