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Scripts by Bobby Fleeks


Opening scenes.

The scripts placed here are either completed or works in progress
and are sole property of Bobby Fleeks, their creator.



Synths Synthetic humans part computer, artificial bodies of alien composites that replicate human tissue, bones of polymers that grow as real bone from youth to age.

It's 2535, "Synths" control earth, and in a utopian society where war and knowledge of earths destructive past is unknown, a human is born genetically created, but BORN of a synth woman with the circuitry of a computer enabled in a biologically human brain

A human created secretly using extracted human DNA uncovered by synth scientist searching their own background. Human computers? How did we become? A question that hunted them. Until Jason.

But Jason was a problem. He was a reminder of earths past.  The lone survivor of a race thought forgotten. A secret that if revealed would uncover the darker side of Synth Society and show them not the perfect creation.

The Synth Society feels hes detrimental to their future as ordered new beings - thinking biological computers. The new human.


Jason is human born of a Synth and his brain is spewed circuitry from his synth mother, which makes him to the Synths, less Synthetic more computer.


Their societal structure is one of replication. They have done away with death, but wear and repair on artificial bodies is tedious and eventually replacement and repair no longer hold. Society places their consciousness in stasis for another incarnation should memories need be revisited.  Centuries of consciousness rest in archived halls of Synthdom.


Synths have forgotten they are part computer. They "reproduce" by producing artificial babies of alien composites that replicate human tissue; they look like humans, act like humans and grow from a childhood that can be regulated, live for centuries, and think theyre an improvement over humans. Humans were flawed.

The Replics, human-like workers who are nothing more than computers with bodies, dont want him around because hes more human than computer, and they are more computer than human lacking in human emotion or much fuzzy logic.

Jason presence also reminds the Synths that they are not the perfect order. That they were created by flawed humans, and therefore they themselves must be flawed.
They cannot out right kill Jason, but they can get him off the planet by giving him the lowest and loneliest job in the galaxy, Starcatcher

In 2535, asteroids meteors and other stars and space junk, became a problem as the ozone depleted and the atmosphere dissipated.  Meteors now constantly bombard a sparsely populated earth, frequently hitting the planet. And large and dangerous asteroids could do great damage, were it not for a Star catcher.

But chasing stars is not a glamorous job. Its the loneliest job there is, so Jason, bored to death, parties! On every planet, and in every galaxy, but that has gotten tired and Jason thinks it would be nice to have someone to spend the lonely time with, since theres nowhere to go, and the most exciting thing that ever happens in his space is, when he does get a chance to blast a few rocks out of the way.

Until today.

Today, his Imigirl wont work. Just sits there unbuttoning and removing her blouse. He cant touch it and it wont stop like a skipped cd, over and over unbuttoning, glitch, removing, glitch, unbuttoning, and glitch

His hand on his chin the action is amusing, until his self-exiled compatriot and copilot, TRACTOR, a sparkling configuration of electrical energy in human form, who doesnt feel comfortable around anyone, rises out of the console, and directs Jasons attention from the peep show, to the viewer above his head.

Bright gigantic balls of light swarm toward them.

Behind them and armada of bigger lights in the form of huge crystal ships shooting bursts that explode many of the gigantic light balls in front.

Another view to Jasons right sparks to light. His mail-order bride is anxious to meet and has arranged everything for the wedding. She sounds so sweet at first then like a nag then angry that he isnt already there then sweet again.

Tractor points to the screen, a smirk on his glassine face, the image repeating itself, reminds Jason of the pending peril.

Trying to get out of the way, Jasons ship stalls. Everything stops.

Tractor discovers that Jasons lust filled endeavors broke a conduit, that produced a shutdown of power and electrical.

Now, stuck, fight or flight has lost an option. Faced with trying to communication to earth the pending onslaught, avoiding conflict with approaching what ever it is, and the things following it, hes got to do something fast.