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Springfield City Beat Radio Press Release

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Contact: Write Professionals

Contact: Write Professionals

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Phone 541-870-5848

Springfield, OR 97477

Phone 541-870-5848


Springfield City-Beat

Internet Radio Station

Press Release

Broadcaster makes major inroads with Online Radio Station

Major upset over “Springfield City-Beat” Internet broadcaster Bobby Fleeks, known as The Doctor” has “Real Radio” nervous that ubroadcast.com might just be “The Next Star-maker.”

Springfield, OR, June 5th, 2008 to 2011: When he started the show, it was just to get back to a bit of broadcasting which he loved doing, but Writer/Broadcaster Bobby Fleeks soon found he was actually making a difference with listeners from his little home broadcast studio. Hosting a live call-in show at ten to eleven in the morning and another from two to four in the afternoon, it at first was a wish that anyone would really listen to his broadcast. Then the calls came, and emails, all stating that they loved the show and only wished they could hear it better, and more of it. With an upgrade in computer technology and connections to winamp.com and other streaming sites, Springfield City Beat is expecting big things and high future rewards from being a voice for Springfield, Oregon and anyone listening to the broadcast. Bobby, or The Doctor, in broadcasting for more than twenty years knows it’s a hard road to be recognized in radio, but feels with ubroadcast.com, anyone with talent has a chance.

         Email him at bobbyfleeks@lycos.com or listen to the daily show and call in to the program.

         541-870-5848 > 10 to 11 AM or 2 to 4 in the afternoon.

Listen to the Broadcast of Springfield City-Beat on ubroadcast.com

Go to ubroadcast.com web site and click the Listen logo:

1.       Download the ubroadcast.com broadcast player.

2.       Once the download is complete, click the Stations icon and wait till the radio list opens.

3.       Click Independent Music Broadcasters, then Top 40 Current, then Top 40 Urban at bottom.

4.       You will see Springfield City-Beat 1080 Internet Radio. Click it and enjoy!


Write the Doctor at mailto:bobbyfleeks@lycos.com

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