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Bobby Fleeks
I'll put a smile on your face and money in your pocket!


In business as in life, honesty is the best policy. You need to say it right to make others believe you.
Write Professionals, Creating Words That Sell can help you say what you need to get the customers you want.
Bobby Fleeks, Author, Writer,  Screenwriter, Motivational Speaker and business marketing professional wants to help you succeed in your promotions with outstanding "move-to-action" worded advertising and marketing materials that will assist in your company growth.
Call me at 541-870-5848
With the advances in technology and the high cost of advertising, the advantage you build moving your business or product to the forefront now, will allow you favor when the economy reestablishes and strengthens.
Personalizing your market brand is key to becomming a nitch product. We show you the steps necessary.
Listen to hear talk on how to Succeed In Business On A Budget  on our program schedule and call-in and give an opinion.
People want to know...  and your opinion matters!

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Business Strategies That Equal Success!
Get them all on cassette now!

Business Plan Theory & Application
Why you need a business plan.
Audio Tapes Available
Advertising For The Rest Of Us.
Audio Tape
Selecting to Promote/Advertise Your Business

Audio Tape

Call for availability on all cassettes.


Business Stategies That Equal Success Promotion - $15.00
Business Plan Theory and Application         -          $15.00
Advertising For The Rest Of Us                 -          $15.00
Selecting to Promote/Advertise Your Business   -    $15.00
Complete Audio Package (includes all 4 tapes)        $60.00
Resume' and Business Correspondence  - - - - - - -  $50 hr and up
Office Consultation                                            $100 hour 


We create the image you need to sell, at prices that won't hurt your pocket.
Write Professionals creates marketing material like the big boys, but at affordable costs.
We make you look great in writing... and now in pictures too!

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Write Professionals' "Image-inations"
Your Image Matters

IMAGEINATIONS Where Your Image Matters

What's New?
Call our Company about getting a Free Image Consultation on your Business Pictures & Slogan for your Company. Also, ask about Business Plans and Special Discounts, that may apply.

Offering Photography, and Digital Imaging for all events (no weddings); Portraits {Family and Single}, Animal Shows, Architectural sites, and Specials on Entertainment Spectaculars and out of way interesting sites.

Visit my Photo Gallery at RedFrame.com

Keep coming back for specials at Write Professionals and updates on Bobby Fleeks' writing and publishings.

"If it isn't written... it isn't said. So say it right.
Write Professionals!

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At the moment Springfield City Beat is on hiatus due to furthering my education goals. I promise we will be back bigger and with  more interesting content in the near future... with some interesting people added too... maybe.
Keep watching and listening!

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